Welcome to CleaningDolls.com

CleaningDolls.com is commited to providing Professional, Reliable cleaning service for your home and office.

Areas in which we clean: 
•   Offices
•   Dinning Areas
•   Bathrooms
•   Reception Areas
•   Halls
•   Elevators
•   Gyms
•   Conference Rooms
•   Doctor Offices
•   Dental Offices
•   Law Offices

Professional Cleaning Service Includes: 
•   Vacuum Cleaning
•   Window Cleaning
•   Furniture Cleaning
•   Garbage Disposal
•   Mopping
•   Portraits
•   Lamps
•   Computers
•   Head-fans
•   Toilet Cleaning
•   Cabinets
•   Tables
•   Chairs and Legs
•   Furniture

We have you covered

You can be assured that your house will not only be cleaned but protected. Our insurance will cover all and any mishaps. Luckily, mistakes never happen with our team but if they ever do, we have insurance for that.
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