House Cleaning

About This Service

We promise to give exceptional cleaning at an exceptional price. We believe in putting the Customer first, in saying this we will work around you to find the best time to meet your cleaning needs instead of you working around us.

  • A clean office can help businesses attract new clients
  • Hiring us saves money on employment costs
  • A clean environment results in a healthier office

Service FAQ

What sorts of organizations hire a cleaning company?

Some examples of places that have hired us in the past are retail stores, schools, businesses, offices, churches, and restaurants.

What type of cleaning services does a cleaning company offer its clients?

We thoroughly vacuum carpets and spot clean. We also dust furniture, cleans window glass, sweeps tile, and cleans restrooms. Clients may inquire with a commercial cleaning service about other specific cleaning tasks.

Does your company offer any special services?

Yes. A client may sign up for window washing services, carpet shampoos, power washing, and even specify green cleaning. Don’t be shy to ask for any odd favors.

What are the commercial cleaning rates?

A professional commercial cleaning company offers a free price quote to customers. The commercial cleaning rates differ due to a few factors. Some things that determine price are the size of a business and the type of cleaning services needed as well as how often the client would like cleaning done. We would be glad to discuss the cleaning needs of any client.

Hire us to clean your house

Whether you’re a stay-at-home parent or a working professional, everyone can benefit from house cleaning services. These days, people live busy and chaotic lives, and finding time to thoroughly clean the home is nearly impossible. Thankfully, with the help of Cleaning Dolls, homeowners can worry less about cleaning and more about what’s important to them.

From mopping the floors, to changing the bed sheets, to cleaning the bathrooms and more, our professional maids meet all your cleaning needs. Why? Because we understand the importance of a clean home, as well as the value of spending quality time with loved ones. We ease up your schedule so you can focus on the other items on your to-do list.

Cleaning Dolls upholds strict guidelines to ensure your home and health are safe. It is our goal to help simplify your life and offer impeccable service, every time. Our customers’ satisfaction is of utmost importance to us, as well as their trust.

So don’t spend any more time complaining about cleaning the house or thinking about the never-ending chores. Call on the experts at Cleaning Dolls today. You’ll be enjoying a spotless home and more free time to spend with loved ones in no time.

Construction Cleaning

Hire us and learn why we will save you money.

Commercial Cleaning

A clean office is a productive office!

House Cleaning

Don’t Come home to a messy house! Hire us today.

Special Requests

If you have a special request, just ask us! We probably have done it before..

We have you covered

You can be assured that your house will not only be cleaned but protected. Our insurance will cover all and any mishaps. Luckily, mistakes never happen with our team but if they ever do, we have insurance for that.
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